My Gameboy

October 31, 2007
By Tiffany Ortiz, Danbury, CT

My Gameboy I love to play
I play my Gameboy all day
Day and night
Minute after minute
Hour after hour
Maybe even in the shower
I play my favorite game Donkey Kong
Oh how I love that game you can’t go wrong
It’s like a hobby not a sport
It’s my own thing I can play for short
Or all night long
It’s something I can call my own
I play when and where I want
On my own time no one can tell me how to play
Because it’s my own game and my own mind
If you have one and you’ll know what I mean
Its addictive no lie I sometimes fien
If you don’t have one
You should get one
Trust me enjoy yourself you’ll have a lot of

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