My Little Secret

October 31, 2007
By Kayla Wilder, Clarkston, MI

The dark eyes are creeping near my vision.
Staring right at me.
Is that horrible glance, that frightens me.
The fact of you and me.
Us walking down the hall.
All who knows my little secret.
Stares at me, like a hazards dream.
Creepy people all near, watching at all we do.
One day we will be recognized for who we are.
A couple that’s me and you.

Different yes, but that’s what makes us.
The needing of two souls, imbedded in one heart.
When we are alone.
It gets kind’ve hazy, because we are lost.
Without one another.

Our desire for each other is pure laziness, we just rest our eyes now.
Darkness soon falls, let our vision see all of whom it wants too.
That’s my dream.
What frightens me is the stares.
My secret, its hard to be with you.
Be you and me.

In this world, nobody gets us.
Maybe one day it wont be so horrid.
Its only school, don’t you see that’s ruining us.
Its hard to be with you, if we don’t want the same thing.

The horrible glance, that frightens me.
The fact of you and me
Us not making it, till the end.
Were will we be.

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