Love Affair

October 30, 2007
By Benjamin Martinez, Sandy Hook, CT

In these towns
their is no luxury
desperation is key
makes us easy
desire of accompaniment tears a hole
into the brutal world of love
this so much consumes us
we have no choice,
we know what we want

Girls are girls;
guys are guys
the love affairs we seek
create the drama of our lives

It is crazy is it not?
those so willing to give themselves away
simple with a "I need a girlfriend, you’re hot please date me"?
here’s a picture of me with my shirt of
you probably wont like it but I’ll bet you want to see

spending all our time, engulfed in this devise
dedication, investments that which
will most likely never pay dividends
the love will end tomorrow
but the affairs will last a lifetime

maybe its an ego hit, go figure
apparently going solo is wrong
but hey I agree with you, because you know what...dates with your own hand, just seem immorally wrong

the love lives thrill
something marginally worth exploring
but it gets so easy
and then its so hard
emotion is nothing more then pain
we got the right idea
but we never know what to say
the love we think we cannot live without
will go away
strange how so much passion
just suddenly turns to pain
it is over, be thankful
fly stag for a while
the love is over
but the memories
the morals
the lessons
will never die

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