Terror Behind the Walls

August 29, 2010
By Fabuloussh1998 BRONZE, Media, Pennsylvania
Fabuloussh1998 BRONZE, Media, Pennsylvania
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I once was Jackie
I was loved
I was cared for
I had a family.

I was stepped on
I was kicked under the bed
I was pulled apart
Crunch, squeak.

The hot breath
In the dark
I need air
I need a turn.

I crave the first note
While I wait, wait
I can hear the excitement
Of all who are near.

I want the shrieks
I want air
They scream as if they've seen a monster.

Can't they see what lies inside of me?
I am beauty
I am truth
I long to be free.

No walls can contain me..

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for a 7th grade Halloween poem for language arts. I hope people understand what this poem is about...the picture I drew explains it all.

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