It was Sunday night when I got the call

October 30, 2007
By Brittnay Parker, Halifax, PA

It was Sunday night when I got the call
I picked up the phone, it was Amy McHall.
She said, "Shawn was in a car crash on his way to the park!
He was thrown from the car, the driver was Mark!"
I told her not to worry and to just stay calm.
Then I got a pen, and wrote the hospital on my palm.
I jumped in my car, leaned back and said,
"Dear Lord, please don't let him be dead!
He means so much to me, I can't let him go,
Don't take him away, God. For I love him so.
We've been together for ever, I just saw him at 10!
Thank you, Lord. In Jesus' name. Amen."
I put on my seat belt and started my car,
I was glad that the hospital wasn't too far.
It didn't take long before i was there,
I found his room and couldn't help but stare.
There was blood all over, it was an awful sight.
I tried not to cry, it took all of my might.
He said, "Don't worry Becky, I'll always be in you're heart.
And you know that I loved you from the start.
Try not to miss me after I'm gone,
Please don't cry, Becky. You need to stay strong."
I leaned over and kissed his soft cheek,
It was hard to see him when he was so weak.
At that moment, I knew he was gonna die,
But even so, I still didn't cry.
I looked at the clock, it was quarter 'til Eleven,
As he took his last breath, he said, "I'll meet you in Heaven."

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