im really getting sick of creating titles.

August 29, 2010
Does a broken man still have swagger
Even while he staggers
Or is it just an unread chapter
That has no answer

Is it bad to want to be bleed
A caption no one reads
A body that floats in the reeds
That is my want my need

Not really though i love living
But all its giving
Is bad memories that ill be reliving
Life is misleading

In a room with windows and light its still dark
Preach and preach you wont like my remark
My words are harsh cold stark
But in my eyes you see a spark

You see the heat the fire
Something that should inspire
Someone you should admire
but ive long passed expire

maybe ill rise from the ashes
but ive had too many second chances
i should be hanging from the branches
watching lighting flashes

or maybe watch the seas
dance and tease
watch the wind through the trees
see the rain drop and freeze

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