an oath

August 29, 2010
By andrewbr PLATINUM, Reno, Nevada
andrewbr PLATINUM, Reno, Nevada
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"ive been holding my ground so long that i cant lift my arms". -Andrew Betts-Randolph

Blood coarsing through my system
Anger and hate a second hand symtom
Ill never find my rhythm
Im a dreams victim

Air funneling in
Where was my start whered i begin
My sight blurred by sin
Nerves stuck with pins

Force myself to eat
Black clothes black eyes im beat
Cant be returned got no receipt
I lost i taste defeat

It hurts to open my eyes
But every morning i rise
Put on my disguise
Look in the mirror, despise

Im stumbling back
Getting my life on track
This is my surprise attack
Im a stab in the pitch black

So here i stand
You can see first hand
You got it? You understand
This is my life i can withstand

So take this as my declaration
Your radios on the right station
This is my liberation
I walk forward no hesitation

And if i lose if i fail
If my effort goes stale
If my train derails
If i can see but my books braille

Ill try over and over till its right
Till i smolder and ignite
Im not scared no stage fright
Sucess is in my line of sight

The author's comments:
i dont need to say anything/

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