Your Favorite Things

August 28, 2010
I took those things you had treasured and I put them in that car
The abandoned one with the leather seats scratched by stray cats
With the words “I hate you” keyed on the side
Maybe by that one drunkard the night of the New Year
Or was that you?

I stuffed all the stuff in that car
In the front, the back, and in the trunk
Like our old living room TV
And the collected hotel card keys

I put in it our mattress
Still reeking of alcohol
And all the bottles that you drank
Possibly started by those nights out at the bar

I put in it our pictures
That had covered our white walls
To perhaps forget about you
And all the pain that you caused

I covered the car in gasoline
Stroked a match and let it breathe
Then I tossed it into that old, abandoned car
And let your favorite things burn to ash and tar

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