The Aftermath

August 28, 2010
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A touch of fingertips
A brush of lips
Heat through my veins
Hands on my hips
A cheating liar
He got caught
Mistrust around us
An uneasy thought
Harsh words are said
A slap in the face
A knee in the stomach
A stupid race
A comptetion I will never win
A fight for my life
What happend to him
He used to be kind
Gentle with me
Now he's harsh
Tear stained eyes
Messy hair
Hurt in my bones
A lump on the stair
His tatics are changing
He's being kind
He's playing games
With my mind
A comfortable hug
A warm touch
A surge of fealings
A gentle rush
He say he loves me
That he want me so
I know he lying
So I plan to go.

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