Mommy's Gonna Lose It

October 30, 2007
"Mommy's gonna lose it!"
These aren't words we like to hear.
"Mommy's gonna lose it"
Means catastrophe is near.
"Mommy's gonna lose it"
As we soon found out last year,
"Mommy's gonna lose it"
No one wants to hear.

Some things that make her lose it,
(As we sneakily found out,)
Yes, things that make her lose it,
Are items that are left out.
Skates and marbles on the floor,
Make her want to shout!
Dried up boogers on the door,
Make her go and pout.

Daddy's papers everywhere,
Create a need to pull her hair.
Anna's movie over there
Left out clothes she's ready to tear.

In the meantime,
While she raves and rants,
Quietly, we put away the pants.
Cleaning up the pans and pots,
Which we don't like an awful lot.
Scrubbing everything that's messy,
Put away the doll named Tessie.
Upright the knocked-over vase,
Put everything in its place.
Now that Mom's not quite so mad,
She realizes "It's not so bad!"
Now where on earth did she get the notion,
That her house looked like the ocean
Had gone through?

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