October 30, 2007
By Sadie Waala, Batavia, NY

Here I am
These are my hands,
the best i know how, and now
this is my spine, I stand
as tall as my arms will reach out
Here is my smile,
the line in my brow
curious, self-aware, here is my silence
a calming green stare-
my eyes, my nose
Here is my messy blonde hair
Do you miss me? It shows
Here is my laugh in the sun.
And in the silver-moon glow,
Here I am in my dreams
these are my fingers, my hands;
This is me.
I am unhinged and complacent
as I turn in my sleep,
These are my thoughts,
a greenish-blue sea
Here are the clothes I am in, here
is my skin, my freckles, my mouth
These are my words,
my voice in a crowd.
These are my wide-open hands, my closed lips
I'm real,
You can feel

my heart beat
Here are my palms, my fingertips
This is me.

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