The Boy Who Looks At Me

October 30, 2007
The boy who looks at me,
Can he see?
I laugh when he’s around,
But I feel I’m bring myself down,
I’m his friend,
But will it end?
Ever since I met him,
I want to see him everyday,
Once or twice around the bay,
Nothings been the same,
And now he’s got me putting hearts around his name,
Love is sweet when it’s new,
But sweeter when it’s true,
Is it love or a crush?
A crush that makes me blush,
Or Love,
With a flying dove,
I may not get to see him as often as I’d like,
I may not get to hold him in my arms all through the night,
But deep in my heart I truly know,
He’s the one that I love and I can’t let him go,
He can give me a kiss,
Give me the world,
Give me his heart,
And I’ll be his girl,
He can give me a smile,
Give me his time,
He can give me his love,
And I’ll give him mine,
He’s as sweet as a lime,
And as smart as Einstein
But to see him smile,
It’s worth all my while,
The only thing now is to listen to my heart,
Yes he’s a pain,
But every second without him drives me insane,
And someday soon I will see,
The boy who looks at me.

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