October 30, 2007
By Kristin Stone, Clarkston, MI

She sits alone,
in a small, dark room,
unopened bills lay motionless on the table.
The answering machine blinks wildly,
with messages from Jerry the Electric Company guy,
asking “politely” for his money.

As she sits,
she remembers back to a time.
A time where her life,
was full of fun,
full of fairy tales,
full of play.

She remembers back to
no responsibilities,
magical dreams of a handsome prince;
hungry heroes of justice waiting by her side;
and good always triumphing over evil.

She remembers back to
little blond curls bouncing,
running freely in the park.
Waving good-bye to her mother, as she steps proudly
into a whole new world of dreams.

What happened to those days?
What happened to those dreams?
What happened to her?

She feels each day,
becoming harder and harder,
becoming that person
she used to be.

What would it take?
What would she give?
To have only one more moment.

One more moment,
in believing in the innocence
of her peers.
One more moment,
in believing in the powers
of super heroes.
One more moment,
in believing in the accomplishment
of anything.

She sits sadly,
alone in her room.
Believing that
reality wants to take
all her dreams,
all her hopes,
all her love,
unless she holds on tight.

She starts to feel,
her young spirit
slowly releasing from her fingers.

Quickly she re-grips her hands.
She holds on tight;
will never let go.
She starts to believe in anything;
starts to believe in everything.

She remembers back to the little girl,
she use to be.
Remembers back to,
all her hopes,
all her dreams.

She will never forget now,
to the person she wishes to be.

The person she eventually will be.

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