Surreal Feeling

October 30, 2007
By Alyse Jaroszewski, Middletown, NY

My day starts at midnight
When the sun has disappeared
The moon at its fullest
Shining bright through my blinds
The same blinds that keep the sun from burning my skin
This surreal feeling surrounds me

Walking to the kitchen knowing something,
Someday soon, I will never see the moon,
The stars that I gaze up at every night
I grab one of the dark red bottles from the refrigerator
As I drink and some of the drink spills from my mouth
And down my throat
This surreal feeling surrounds me

I hear a strange creak
It was coming from living room
I put my drink on the counter
Walking with caution toward the strange sound
This surreal feeling surrounds me

When I walked through the doorway into the living room
I flicked on the light switch
I glanced around the room
Looked everywhere, found nothing
There was one place I hadn’t checked… the closet
As I walked to the closet I felt something
I opened the door to the closet and
The surreal feeling swallows me whole

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