Return for Me

October 30, 2007
Another day another breath
Another memory that pains me so
Remembering the past hurts more each new day
I remember the feeling of your touch
Your skin so pale and cold against mine
Your skin glitters like diamonds in the sun
Afraid to wonder what comes of the next day
Afraid to wonder what comes of the next night
Living my morning in paranoia
Waiting for time to pass so I can see you

Half the day is already gone
Our song is still ringing in my ears
In my mind is the only place it remains
Still holding on and not letting go
Yet no where for it to be heard
I can never get it out of my mind
Eating my meals that barely keep me alive
I just do it in hope I’ll be with you one day
Praying that one day we’ll reunite
Hoping destiny will bring you to love me

The night is where one would expect peace
But my dreams are my fears coming alive
Screaming every second inside and out
Holes in my chest
Won’t be complete until you return
But will you ever?
This is what enforces the heart break
We may never meet again
Your history may be erased from the world
But never from my heart
Return for me

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