The Big Upset

October 30, 2007
No one really paid attention
to the game.
Michigan was playing for a national championship,
Appalachian State came wanting to gain some respect.
No division 2 team has beaten a top ranked opponent before.
But something felt strange
going into that game.
Michigan was cocky,
ranked 5th in the nation.
Appalachian State was pumped,
defending division 2 champions.
The papers guaranteed the win.
Little did anyone know this game
would be the biggest
upset in college football history.

First quarter
Appalachian state takes and early lead,
Michigan falls off their high horse.
The crowd shocked,
3rd quarter
Michigan making a come back.
Crowd shocked,
but now growing restless.
4th quarter,
Michigan takes the lead
Crowd still shocked,
But now relieved,
They think they won.
Appalachian state still believes,
They give everything they got left.

Then a miracle happens,
Appalachian Sate takes the lead with a minute left.
Michigan in desperation throws deep,
There’s still hope in the big house.
The crowd is still.
Michigan fans can’t watch,
Appalachian state fans can’t stop watching.
A hard fought games now down to a single kick.
The announcers are speechless.
The kick is up,
Bum Bum,
The sound of your heart going crazy.
The upset is complete,
Appalachian state is now instant legends.
Crowd shocked, now crying.

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