I sprint out the back door.

I sprint out the back door.
With a slam, it kicks me out
Of the place I once called home
And with that slam I erase all from my former life
For it has no meaning to me anymore
Silence…I just dash through the thick darkness
I can’t breathe; the air chokes me like death’s hand
Black fogs my brain
I hear my trainers hammering the black rock off in the distance yet it seems so far away
From where I am myself
I just go…go…go…
And when I can’t go any more I still press on through the forces that are life
Suddenly, I’m falling towards the earth, I can’t stop, and when I hit
All I feel is pain
My knees strike the pavement
Skin breaks
Red liquid fills the cracks of the black top
I cry up to God with oceans overtaking my eyes
Why me Jesus! Why me!
I bang my fists on the ground
Pound! Pound! Pound!
It does nothing but tear the flesh, and moistens my hands like my knees
A salty drop trickles down my cheek and thoughts push into my head
It is no more, what was isn’t, and what wasn’t is
My life is dead

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