August 26, 2010
By Nicole,GG PLATINUM, Pikeville, North Carolina
Nicole,GG PLATINUM, Pikeville, North Carolina
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When my parents told me we were moving
I felt like I would die
And so the next few weeks
I would stay up late to cry

I was comfortable and happy
And I loved all of my friends
How could this wonderful life
Come crashing to an end

This wasn't the first time
I had ever had to say goodbye
But this was the first place
In which I had come to rely

There is nothing good for me
Anywhere else that I can shine
But what did I know of life
I mean...I was only nine

But since I don't have a say
And nobody cares for my rhyme
I had to move to North Carolina
Now what do I do with my time

I don't know anybody
Nor do I care to try
I miss my old life so much
Why did I have to say goodbye

So I start to make new friends
But will any of them last
Can they really understand me
And look through all my past

A couple of them stick
Though it started out kind of rough
Who would have thought that starting over
Could ever be this tough

So middle schools a drag
And who cares if you run a mile
I have this school so much
That I can hardly fake a smile

But we become closer
And I know that this will survive
So at least I have a friend
That will stand by my side

And as my high school journey
Starts to unfold
And I don't know which way I'm going
At least I have you there to hold

So maybe this moving thing
Turned out kind of ok
I mean...I can't compare to what would have been
But maybe the chips do fall where they may

Sometime we never know
Where life may lead us
But that's where we take a leap of faith
And learn how to trust

And I'm doing pretty good
And I can say that I'm alright
Maybe moving here
Is what ignited my light

So thank you Anna
Because when I moved, you were there
And if you find this too sappy
Then that's fine, I really don't care

The author's comments:
This is about my friend Anna who has been my best friend for almost nine years now. I added that last stanza because one time I wrote her a poem, and she told me that it was really sappy.

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