October 30, 2007
By Lauren Johnson, Clarkston, MI

Five years old and ready to learn,
playing kitchen and Taking turns.
With each color crayon that we found,
instantly fond of how we’re bound,
to that single friend who’s last name is unknown.
Seeing each day on how we’ve grown,
into the “upper el” in a matter of years,
no more kitchen and no more tears.

Middle school comes and new friends are made.
Getting older each day as old pictures fade.
From on the playground jumping rope.
to the hardships trying to cope.
with the fact that you no longer have recess.
Complaining you can’t go on because life is a mess.

As a middle school student it’s only begun.
Tests and quizzes seem to be daily and homework a ton.
moving on to bigger places,
There are new friends to be made and many new faces.

The best four years or so they say,
seem like forever as you stay,
cooped in a building for forever it seems,
but life goes on and it means,
so much more when you take that last walk,
across the stage still remembering each talk,
and memory made in the halls,
even the profanities on the bathroom stalls.
Always remember your high school years,
the fights, laughs and tears,
seem so faint now,
as you take your final bow.

College is coming up so fast,
it’s hard to try to make this last.
As we hold on to all we know,
thrown into a world and willing to show,
all we’ve learned and all we’ve got.
This is our last and final shot,
To start all over fresh and new,
Be ready for change,
Be ready for you.

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