The One I See

August 20, 2010
By Anonymous

Dedicated to my best friend and the "one she sees."

They see the color of your skin
but not what's behind, not what's within.
They look through judgmental eyes becuase of the color they see;
but they don't see you like me.
I see your eye; loving and compassionate.
My heart skips a beat when they look at me, even if it's just for a brief moment.
I see your smile beaming at me.
How can I express the way you set my heart free?
I see your tenderness and sweet heart, while they see a thug.
They don't know how you're always there for me with a kind word and a hug.
I see the relationship you have with God above;
that's something I know they'd love.
But they're too distracted by color to look at your heart.
It's a shame, becuase it causes them to miss what sets you apart.
You're different from all the rest - not demanding or controlling at all.
But rather, you're honorable, trustworthy, there to catch me when I stumble and fall.
I wouldn't change one thing about you; not your freckles, eyes, or skin.
Knowing that it has to be this way tears me up within.
But please know this my dear: even though we must forever stay apart,
Yours will always be the name tattooed upon my heart.

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