Whenever I think of you

October 29, 2007
By Jackie Delgado, Wylie, TX

Whenever I think of you,
I think of us near a bayou.
I know it's not romantic,
But to me it sounds fantastic!

Having you near me,
Is all I ever, want to see.
But why won't it happen?
Do you want to see me sadden?

So if we were supposed to protect each other,
Why do we hurt ourselves even further.
Can't we keep ourselves in line,
So I can find something of mine?

Every time you seem to stare,
I always see an ocean flare.
I even manage to get lost,
Upon and enter it will cost.

I shall now say a dear good-bye
'Cause my heart is now broken why?
For you said we'd be together forever,
But now you see me cry a sad never.

It all started with a message,
But you never joined the passage.
I lost my friend in this fuss,
So help me try to find you and me, us.

I know your right in front of me.
So how is it that I can not see?
But some how I saw your apology,
Of you saying sorry to you and me.

Still I know you think of me too,
Just because I know the real you.
I can finally call you, friend,
So this is my "the end."

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