The Big Day

October 29, 2007
By Jaime Shaw, Clarkston, MI

The excitement in the touch,
The laughter in the night,
The first time she found herself
Wrapped around his muscular body,
And looking into his beautiful blue eyes.
The rush in her heart when,
His strong hands gently intertwined with hers,
The electricity in the air in that moment.

The devotion their heart’s share is more than
The typical, High school,
Here we go again,
Said with out feeling,
“I love you” “I love you too”.
This is more than all of that,
This is the unspoken, undying passion.
The spark that makes every one stare.

The years fly by and the feelings stay
Still exited to see him each and every day
The plans are soon to be made
For their nuptials just days away.
The ring on her hand, the dress in place
To the church on time
No one can wait.

November fourth their anniversary
Two years of dating to the tee.
The thought of forever, together
Makes the two grin, and giggle with glee.
The emotions run high as the music begins
One look to each other and everyone stares
As their hearts beat faster as they
Are joined, a perfect pear.

“I do” and “I do”
As the tears pour down
This moment at last that they have wanted so long
The reception, the food
The family and fun
The feast and the dance
The happy couple
The two finally joined together at last.

The excitement in the touch
And both now know
Two years from now the date is set
November 4th, the day they met.

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