A Bleeding Heart

October 29, 2007
By Jaime Shaw, Clarkston, MI

I hate the way you look with her.
Why can’t we be what we once were?
I feel replaced, used, and passed down,
Something I only feel when you are around.
The way I feel when I’m with you
Is not the same when she’s there too.
I let her in, what a stupid mistake.
Now I’m lost and I can’t wait
For things to get better, to recover from this mess
To be what we once were, and pass your test.

She took you to prom and stole your heart.
The pictures, the laughs, the time spent away
And you accuse me of leaving and going astray.
I feel cast out and left in the cold,
Unlike you two so happy and warm,
Yet your sorrows overwhelm the duo allowing
More tears and frowns on your faces than smiles.
I am never there for the jokes and good times
All I ever see the two of you do is cry.
I pick up the broken and catch your every tear.

I feel betrayed and cheated; I have been lied to and deceived.
Were did I go wrong, wasn’t I in need?
You pushed me away and held on tight
Leaving me to wonder why each and every night.
She is gone out of state leaving you all alone
You come back to me to say it is my fault.
And that I have done you wrong.
One day we are good the next our relationship is rocky
Get a grip, make your choice, I am ready to let go
No more time being spent as your second-rate date.

I hate that you are with her and you,
Can’t you see the pain and sorrow you have brought upon me?
Make up your mind will you let me go too, or will I endure
This never ending cycle with you?
Did she do this to you? Or have I never known
The monster now released inside you?
Once again I am not at fault, I did nothing wrong
And still you blame me, saying I have lost.
NO! I did not! I have done nothing
That you did not prompt.

Why can’t we be
What we once were?
Oh that’s right!
You’re with her.

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