Ray’s Christmas: 1926

October 29, 2007
The snow is spiraling down in the form of frozen water;
Ray realizes this as he jumps peers out his bedroom window.
Not, wanting to wake his parents,
Ray pulls his blankets back up to his chest,
But he isn’t sleeping... no, who could?
He knew that it was a white Christmas in “Totoway” Borough.
His favorite song spins in his mind,
wondering about what Santa had brought.
But after ten minutes,
Ray was staring at the snow fall into its piles once again.

Christmas 1926.. Hmm.. Ray liked the sound of it
It sounded so intangible,
Yet so real.
He thought ahead to the Christmases he’d years later spend
With his sons and daughters and wife
And later on his grandsons and granddaughters.
Oh, how glorious Christmas Day was,
So wonderful and happy.
His small head thought of how he’d soon be sledding
Outside in the snowdrifts,
And the all the skating up at Greenwood Lake
Then all the excitement wore him out,
And Ray fell asleep again.

He dreamed about some war,
That he’d be in...

Ray was woken by his sister half an hour later
and she screamed
Then she shot off out of his room like a bullet
but Ray slowly got on his slippers and then chased after his sister,
easily closing on her in a short, hot pursuit.
Oh the fun,
Yes.. The everlasting fun.

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