October 29, 2007
By Lauren Ring, Centerline, MI

They don’t believe the Earth is dying
Slowly, painfully, day by day
They think that money can fix the problems
For the few they admit, they sit and pray

They think money can fix the problems
Surgeries to make you thin
Pills to make you eat less
Cars to fit into the world’s newfound laziness

Politicians thinking they can just quit
Who are avoiding the whole issue
They say that they want to fix it
All want us to think they ‘think green’

Laziness is the new epidemic
Vaccines the new health food
When veggies cost more than cupcakes
You know this world is doomed

We’re stuck in a downward spiral
Laziness, asthmatics, childhood obesity…
What more do I need to say?
We brought this on ourselves, yet they don’t see

Factories on every corner
Driving to the corner and back
Gas guzzlers, smoke stacks, oil fires
They wonder why the sky is turning black

Las Vegas is the new Phoenix
And Michigan the Alaska
Hurricanes in January
Tornadoes in November

They turn a blind eye
Though we all know they see it
Money has all the answers
Let’s see the new cars in ’08

Give it ten years if that
Then maybe they’ll realize
The sorrowful mistakes they’ve made
They’ll be forced to open their eyes

We’re all doomed, you know?
It’s only a matter of time
Whether we freeze or we boil
Is a choice we all have to make

Stop the disaster now
If not that then slow
If we don’t do something today
Well, I think this you all know.

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