October 29, 2007
By Rosie Sokolov SILVER, Newton, Massachusetts
Rosie Sokolov SILVER, Newton, Massachusetts
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We are alone together,
In a misbegotten sea,
Our anger evaporated the water,
Leaving nothing but a pile of salt for our tea,

Already salty from our tears,
We hastily dump in the pile of grain,
Chugging the tea to escape from our fears,
Turning into ash - blowing away from our pain

Arriving in a place of perfect dark,
We feel our anger ebbing away,
We hear a fake sound - the song of a lark,
Beginning to wonder if we'll ever see day,

Pretend courages are long since gone,
Cloistered fears are here,
Time becomes an unbearable pun,
The faceless people all start to leer,

We thought that we were finally done,
Run away from the earth,
From the people who thought it was all so fun,
Us bearing the weight of life's mirth

Ever so slowly we slip into black,
Desperately clawing for more than time,
Not wanting to accept we can never go back,
Melancholy church bells dutifully chime.

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