October 29, 2007
Did you notice...
That he is waiting for you to see him smile, and smile back at him.
That he is playing in the sand alone,
Wanting your approval of his sand castle,
How he missed when you'd throw him into the water,
And how he tries to throw himself?
Do you notice anything about him?
He wanted you to swim with h im,
And laugh as his sandy hair when he dries off.
He wants you to rough house with him,
And call him sport when he greets you.
Most of all, he wants you to be there,
The see him grow up,
To give him advice on girls,
And show him how to impress them.
Did you notice?
You aren't around anymore,
And it's just another day for you.

For him,
It's a heart break.

For him,
It's the end of the world.

Because no little boy,
Nor any little girl,
Wants to lose the man,
They call "Daddy".

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