October 29, 2007

A sense of humor thats far too dry for one his age
A way of speaking that makes girls cry, and makes guys full of rage

Doesn't mean hes proud of it,
He speaks softly, never loud
Preferring to lead himself in a shroud of mystery

He has a charm, which is so unique,
his outlook on life is very dark, and bleak
He is a more than a man, but less than a freak,
He's more than jock, but not quite a geek.

He's been 'The nice guy'
Didn't like how that worked, but he still gave it a try.

A dark-hearted saint,
around him all the pretty girls faint.

He knows that its dangerous to show any emotion,
He knows that its crucial to never drink the potion that would make him lose his wits
He heard about how it brings on strange fits.
So he never sips,
And he never lets a woman touch his lips,
He brings a bucket of water, and saves an armada

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