The Origin of Cats

August 21, 2010
By Swimingfish PLATINUM, Wildwood, Missouri
Swimingfish PLATINUM, Wildwood, Missouri
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As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

When god made the earth, the moon and the stars,
Jupiter, Neptune, Venus and Mars,
He evoked the beasts within the ground,
More terrifying than any hellhound,
They were sixty feet tall with razor sharp claws,
Gnashing teeth and huge, furry paws.
And all in heaven, and all on Earth,
Yes everyone feared the cat.

They were intelligent creatures, so sly and so cunning,
And a look from their eyes could send anyone running.
They spoke many tongues, 87 in fact,
They never grew old, and never grew fat.
And while everyone was running around,
Making a ruckus and extraneous sound,
The cat, so wise, watched and waited,
For the creatures to sleep, and then, elated,
Pick and chose what creatures to eat,
For the giant cats ate nothing but meat,
And all in the heavens, and all on the Earth,
Yes everyone feared the cat.

But the angels in heaven and the demons in hell all despised the cat,
They hated it for killing creatures, never growing fat.
So in the forges of heaven and in the pits of hell,
They made a device that worked quite well
It looked like a simple ring, but could stop almost anything.
It shortened life and made things mortal,
And with many a chuckle and many a chortle,
They placed the devices on each of the cats,
Causing them to shrink and grow fat.
it shortened their life and made them timid,
and this is why it makes me livid,
to wear such a device on my furry neck,
it itches a lot and keeps me in check,
for if you took it of right now
then you most certainly would have a cow,
then all in the heavens and all on the Earth,
yes all would fear the cat.

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