August 24, 2010
By LexieBabii BRONZE, Nassau, Other
LexieBabii BRONZE, Nassau, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Personality is who we are and what we do when everybody is watching. Character is who we are and what we do when NOBODY is watching.

Look around this world
And I'm sure you'll see
That there's nothing you can find
That can compare to me
You can fill that spot
But it will never be rite
I'm one of a kind
And I control my own mind
I know that there's a lot
You probably don't know
Like how I do random stuff
Just to put on a show
I know I cant change my past
But I can to my future
No one is the keeper
Of my success
I don't wanna end up like anyone else
I wanna be me and no one else
I miss a lot of people I know, I cant get back
And I'm sorry for all the people I hurt to get where I'm at
I don't mean to do it, even though it mite appear
I'm just idiotic when I'm in fear
I don't want to loose anyone I hold close to my heart
Needles and thread wont hold very long..
People have hurt me everyday of my life
When i was growing up
Daddy was barely there to help me get up
Mom was at work to busy for me
My brother had friends
And my sister was only 3
If i cud go back in time I would change history
Id make myself known
but not for stupidity
I know now that
No matter how much I beg n cry
it wont make a difference
I screwed up a lot
And now I gotta admit it
People who matter will always be there
People who dont just stand around and stare....
And then vanish into air
Its funny how the simplest things can make us grow up
I wished I learned this earlier before I screwed up
No matter how much I try I never seem to feel as if I succeed
I'm very determined and I chase all my dreams, I don't know now
But lately its seems.. Everything is far away
And nothings in reach
I'm feeling more lost in this world
With no light under my feet
I really don't like second place
Or haven defeat
But I gave up to easily and I went the wrong ways
I tried to get back but I'm still lost
Stuck in a maze game that has no pause
Making it slowly in this world
Trying my hardest to find that light or gold
I need guidance rite now but not only for a day
the type that I can see working into play
All of my emotions are starting to run wild
And there's no one but God I see around
a boyfriend is cool and couple gal friends too
but no ones there forever cause no one can find there way through
My mind is blocked off from all humane beings
I wanna be helped but I cant be set freed :(
Feels like I'm a prisoner and my house is a jail
I wanna run away but I'm too scared of my own fear
No were to go, no place to hide life's messed up maybe I should die?
Whats the meaning of life cause I really need to know..
Be fruitful know multiply is the only answer I know
I wanna be more than I already am
I really wanna change but I don't know how
I don't wanna make these mistakes I make over again
I wanna be unique but still I'm in fear.....

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