August 31, 2010
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This month was full of happiness,
This month was a huge part in my life,
Yet it’s a month that is so depressing,
America was cornered,
But in the end we stood strong,

Then one morning they took a car,
Stopped at a local high school,
Even picked up a few friends,

But after school was over,
She climbed into the car,
Her eyes were ones to remember,
She was a good friend,

But unfortunately she did not know,
The car she climbed into was stolen,
The friends she had, were not loyal,
And in the end she paid,

As she lied in the hospital bed,
And at ten o’clock,
She was pronounced dead,
Her family soaked in tears,
As friends called around,
Everyone knew the next morning,
That she was now gone,

By the end of the week the funeral had started,
As people lined the streets,
And now every year when this month comes around,
I stop where she last lay,
A spot where I pour a vault,
To toast our friendship will always last,
Because even though she is gone,
I will hold her near,

This is the month of September…

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