A Second Chance

September 30, 2007
By Alex Keefer, McDonough, GA

I lay my eyes across the vast open field,
the sunlight shimmering on my second Sunday.
The audience gathers from end to end,
as I say my prayer to the Man above.
Calmly, competitors congratulate my courage,
for arriving to accomplish what I failed before.
Wearily, I wonder what it would have been worth,
if I made the decision to neglect this chance.
As the sun sets, I shift into stance,
my muslces tense-my intentions set.
Following in the footsteps of my previous actions,
I aim to supersede that vital mistake.
The breeze arrives; the contestants shiver,
and beads of sweat decorate my face.
Silence settles, and the seconds sound off:
The race begins.

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