August 16, 2010
Time is everlasting,
It does not die yet it was never born,
But for us it is now ticking,
Ticking away itself by seconds to become worn.

Time is the alpha and the omega,
The beginning and the end,
How ever it became so ultra,
Man will never be able to fend.

Everything has a beginning,
Yet how does time not?
Like a river it is never-ending,
This war will always be fought.

No matter what time will catch you,
Weither you run or hide,
Great is this issue,
For all lose their pride.

None have been succesfull,
Time is easily able to chastise,
So i suggest that you are not hastefull,
To enjoy life while you can would be wise.

So my young childeren,
Heed my premonition,
Enjoy life before it is taken,
Take life's waters free from the basin.

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