Adam and Eve Rewrtitten

August 16, 2010
By SundanceKid SILVER, Hailey, Idaho
SundanceKid SILVER, Hailey, Idaho
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She held the world in her hands
He controlled the sea
Together they ruled all the lands
Every grain of sand, every tree
The angels adored them from above
Although what they saw was lies
For anouther girl He did love
The Queen looked on, averted her eyes
Till said girl defended herself, then it became gorey
The Queen took to his bedside a sharp sharp knife
And then the legend becomes the story
The angels morned for lost life
When news came that the King and Queen had died
The Earth sat down took a gulp
Then cried and cried and cried
Now a new King rules everything
He is loyal and devout to his wife
And the angels sing to celebrate life

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