September 29, 2007
By Sarah Margulies, Bloomington, MN

I can't help but wonder what you see
when you look at the person in front of me.
It's so very different from what I can se.
I know that already.
Do you see the blue-grey honesty
behind his caring eyes?
Can you sense the blood-red passion
and just how hard he tries?
I can see the pitch black anger
and the faint deep-orange fear.
I feel the silver sadness
as it whispers in his ear.
The flash of green sincerity
and dull grey hue of hopelessness
are things recurring frequently.
Do you see it now?
No, you don't, I sense it in you
though I've never seen your face.
You've never taken one good glance
much less examined this place.
Through your misused purple kindness
I see your solid, scratched white blindness.
You view the world through lightless lenses.
People like you are hard to find.
You are your only real defenses.
You are truly colorblind.

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