Strings Attache

September 29, 2007
By Sarah Margulies, Bloomington, MN

I see you there upon your stage
and wonder if you really exist.
The more I look at you,
the less real you seem.
You've lost all originality.
You've become her puppet,
controlled by strings,
pulling relentlessly at your fragile heart.
Your faults are hers alone.
She gave you your dishonesty,
your blindly blissful ignorance.
You got your sorrow from her.
She pulls at you and I wince again,
your pain is mine and more.
I live for the days when you loose her grip,
defy and resist,
fight back for what you want.
But those moments are short-lived,
for soon she has you under her thumb again.
I wish you'd shove it in her face,
cut the strings and get away,
she'll only hurt you if you stay.
But you only turn away from warnings.
She has taken what you were
and replaced herself in you.
You've become her phantom
because she took your heart long ago.
You're dying within her amber grasp,
Her puppet forever more.

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