August 15, 2010
By , Oakland, MO
I was carved over three thousand years ago
Carefully chiseled from unbreakable snow
Each feature realistic, created with love
And you may believe I was blessed from above
But as the years passed my beauty waned
And so others could not be pained
To take responsibility, to help, to repair
Slowly joy itself disintegrated into the air
Thousands of years later they rebooted me
Put me in a metal box for all to see
I was not perfect so they tore my apart
They rewired my brain and simply removed my heart
For extra measure they covered me with flashing lights
But still I was an outsider, damned to bleed during the nights
As I ripped by soul apart and wished machines could cry
Not just turn an internal scream into a sigh
Remove the rubbery skin and metal below
See the battle scars where healing is slow
Now declare the requisite sympathies and be on your way
And I will yearn to die that very day
For I know the routine, I’m carefully trained
When you see me you’ll know I’m far from unstained
This is the mantra I’ve always understood:
That no one wants damaged goods

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