September 29, 2007
Affection is the soft slow strum

Of a piano, played by a passionate lover.

Each key, each note, chosen carefully

To create the image of love; tenderness.

From the strings, that lay like organs

In the chest of the piano,

Emanates a sound, carrying with it

A love-scent, which enters every one of your atoms,

And injects them with the feeling of

Your lovers skin, and tricks your eyes into

Seeing yourself left with your one and only.

You hear the wind blowing, as if it were doing so

Just for the two of you.

The taste of love, sweet on your tongue.

You then hear the note begin to fade,

For nothing lasts forever. The long in your soul

Begins to ache, but then the scale comes to

mind. You feel all eight notes,

The number turns, and infinity seems plausible.

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MonaLisaSmile said...
Oct. 1, 2011 at 10:21 am
that  was really beautiful, I love your descriptions and the imagery you used. Please continue with your style! :)
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