I push open the door....

September 29, 2007
By Olivia Heunis, Del Mar, CA

I push open the door....
A ribbon of light lines the oak tree,
cloaking it in gold
I remembered it bigger.
A shattered mirror
A thousand shimmering fragments of beauty past
A child's swing
Faded and dull
But swinging, still swinging
And creaking
Murmuring to itself in the sweet-smelling shade of the tree.

Red bricks
Acorns, butter yellow and smooth
Bright things.

This place smells like rain
This place smells like laughter
and skinned knees and swimming pools
and the pine needles of christmas trees
and barbecues and new grass
and memories.

I bundle my thoughts together
Tie them with some string
So I can let them float away from me
Just for a while...

This is not the time for logic
This is not the time for reason
Or rationality
Or shouldn't-I-be-getting-home
Or look-to-the-future
It's just for me
Just for remembering
Just savouring bittersweet longings
For those moments
Those perfect fragments of time
I know I will never

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