September 29, 2007
By Amanda Dorsett, Brandon, FL

If it was me
Maybe my heart wouldn’t be breaking
My eyes wouldn’t be crying
Maybe things would make sense

If it were me
Maybe I wouldn’t have to fake a smile
My kind words lying to your face
Maybe you could see beyond the artificial

If it were me
Maybe I wouldn’t doubt myself
My words tripping, falling, stumbling, through the air
Maybe I’d have confidence again

If it were me
Maybe I wouldn’t try so hard
My reckless desire for perfection in your eyes
Maybe it wouldn’t be so significant

If it were me
Maybe I could laugh again without hiding sorrow
My every limb trying to numb the uncertainty
Maybe the pain would go away

It is not me
Maybe someday it will be me
My mind no longer relies on if
Maybe if is simply circumstance

If it were me
If would not be truth

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