Prop 8

August 14, 2010
A time slightly long ago
I was told
That when I grow old
And choose a mate of my own
If they were of the female variety
That it was important to know
That my society
Would say NO.

They have deemed my happiness a dim reality
With their controversial ways of thinking shallowly
Like I am just another mouth to feed
They say, they will not permit me to be free
Because I do not fit into their definition of a “lady”
So sit and behave
With your pretty powdered up face
Wear short skirts to show off our legs
But how can you expect us to sit by silently
And only abject quietly
To believe it will be okay
When you respond violently
With this f*** up prop eight.

Telling us that
Females are dead-weight
That it is a mans world
How woman are far from innate
To the outcome of your fate
But just wait
Rethink that claim
Because when’s the last time you saw a man menstruate
We are responsible for the populations birthrate
While the government is responsible for the deathrate
But it’s not just the woman that have been affected by shallow minds
Men do find
That their love has been defined as a crime
Do to uptight Americans, that gave a petition a signature sign
But what you close minded souls
Do not know
Is that we are the force
The ones that innovate
We are the future
Around which the earth rotates
So how dare you take away
The bonds which we create
With the “overall” ruling of the state
Because you say its not okay
For someone who is gay
To join in holy matrimony
Like our love is phony
And we are only
Going to make a menace
When in public our lips kiss
As if
We control the hateful
That exist
In the world
In which we live.

So cover us with labels
And bring to the table
The law in which enables
You to dictate, our love
With your hate.
For it is not enough
For most of our population
To be in hiding about their relations
Now you feel the need to prevent,
With your feeble arguments,
Those who are content
With being independent
So false outcomes you invent
With malicious intent
Like your hell-bent
To torment
And harm all others
Of those who have chosen a same sex lover.

You think your laws are set in cement
But even the most sturdy of notions
Can be bent
With a tidal wave of emotion
From mistreated individuals
Of guys and gals
We picketed and screamed
We cursed and yelled
Because when you add politics in church
Then what the hell is this world even worth?
We were beat and we fell
We felt the pain that we all saw in each others eyes
The betrayal inflicted by these lies
With the frustration the echoed in our cries.

So we protest
And never did we rest
We made a mess
And put you to the test
Until our thoughts were heard
And the unthinkable occurred.
You might think it absurd
But do believe what you’ve been told
That the judge has ruled prop eight unconstitutional!
But how long will it take
For someone to take it away
So be bold
And find your soul mate
Be married today
No need to wait
For finally we can say
Goodbye to you, you fucked up prop 8.

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