Ghost of an actor

August 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Baby you say your heart was true
To me and only me
That you’re never breaking my heart
That the tears will never roll down
But they were lies
You put a face in front of me
And I didn’t see it
Your words seems so true
But yet the actions shows a different role
Wishing to just listen to the red flags
I know that we are far apart
But you don’t do the things that I loved
All you say is this and that
The way you wanna make love
But that’s all
Not like you used to
Telling me that im sweet
I make you smile
Just to hear the sweetest word of how I make you laugh
But what’s all in your head was the body
Of the ghost that lies in waiting
For that guy to come again
But yet he’s here with a face of an angel I fell for
But yet he seems far away like how the moon on the night
When will this day end
And when will I wake up in this nightmare?

The author's comments:
my inspiration is what the heart seeks and sees in front of it

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