Point Break

September 28, 2007
By Khanh Tran, Port Arthur, TX

If tears can be traded for your hand

Then let streams of tears pour from my eyes

Until I can no longer see, but in return be forever

Guided by you, with your hand in mine

...And the image of your face in my mind

...The only thing that I see

If fame and fortune could be traded for your acknowledgment

Then let me forever be a common citizen

But a person blessed with your love,

And one that can be with you each and every day

No heave is too pleasing

And no hell too scary

That they would stop me from being with you

Should my love for you ever die

Then my life itself shall not be spared

If ever were the world to end

Then as of right now, I'd rather it be today or tomorrow, while our hands are still joined,

And our hearts still bonded

Life is not so sweet as to fear dieing

Death is not so horrible as to be filled with dread

But with our love intact, my will to live and love for life is shall never begin to wane

From the moment my heart gave word

And from the first time I told you I love you

There has never been a second of being awake that I did not think about you

but there has never been a single moment in which I did not fear losing you

Hence, the frequent nightmares that away my sanity

To love is not to possess, but what is there...

That's worth possessing, when I cannot hold onto your dear love

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