Rose That Never Withers

September 28, 2007
By Khanh Tran, Port Arthur, TX

Hair so silky, eyes so pretty, skin so smooth, body so beautiful, and soul so strong...

You leave me missing you every time we are not together

I never get tired of placing my face on yours, and the fragrance of which you give off,

Never grows old

I can never hear too much of your laughter,

And your smile always brightens my heart

Every time we kiss, the sweetness of you lips return to my taste

Every time we hold hands, I want to pull you in and hold you within my arms

And every time you are in my arms, I never want to let you go...

How I wish we could fall asleep with our faces against each other

And with you still in my arms,

Where you are close to my heart in mind and physically

Every moment that I slide my hand on your skin,

My heart races and my blood burns

Days may go, years may pass, and the track of time may be lost

But my feelings for you will never fade away

Appearance may change over time,

But your golden image will never start to dim in my mind

Roses I give you may wither and die,

But to my heart you will only continue to nourish

If the roses symbolized our love,

I would awaken you with a fresh bouquet of rose every morning

And in the end, the racing of my heart and burning of my blood...will never languish

You will always be my rose, that will forever be so glamorous and beautiful

My rose...that will never wither

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