Rabbit Hole

August 3, 2010
By Myduvessa BRONZE, Pacifica, California
Myduvessa BRONZE, Pacifica, California
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Live, Laugh, Love.
Fly like a dove
Free, free of you.
Away, away from me
Gone from reality
Apart from humanity
Destined for humility

Ashes, ashes we all fall down
6 feet under the ground
Peace at last, not a sound
Insert smile remove frown

Mechanical situation
Love infatuation
Pumping fist like medication
Words at lost improve communication

Growing from old roots
Stretching higher than the sky
Swaying left and swaying right
Wind blowing hard trying to force flight
Empty turned full in a matter of a night

Broken promises fulfilled
Razor cuts on my mind healed
Fates sealed
Pain and hurt killed

Little girl trapped inside
Emotions erupt like a tide
Little girl standing on my side

We are one you and I
Together we can rock the world
No need to hide, no need to lie
I love myself, now woman no longer girl

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