July 29, 2010
By Sara Arredondo BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
Sara Arredondo BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
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I see this girl with deep, sad eyes
I see her pain as she cries
I see this girl smile and fake happiness her best
I see her reach for perfection forgetting all the rest
This girl has been hurt; she’s been brought to her knees
Yet we trash her like nobody sees
She’s been tainted and burned and thrown to the curb
We keep up with her life as if it’s not a blur
I look at this girl frightened and blind
Looking at her eyes staring into mine
We share the same lips same hair and same nose
I stare at her and wonder where her story will go
This girl reaches out seeing my strain
But she’s stuck in her box envying my pain
We look at each other, looking at us
And tears start coming, streaming in a rush
I see this girl shatter; her role becoming unclear
But reaching out all I can touch is mirror

The author's comments:
Look at yourself long enough in the mirror and the words begin to flow.

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