She checked her hair

September 28, 2007
By Jennifer Alana Thompson, Malvern, AR

She checked her hair
powdered her nose
walked up to her mirror
struck a fierce-looking pose
she looked at herself
and turned swiftly away
hoping no one would notice
her new accessory that day
she strolled into class
sat in the back covered her cheek
put on her black hat
The boys all stared at her beauty
she didn't realize
the electric blue that flowed through her eyes
she won't accept it
she never will
if she lives to know her beauty
she'll resent it even still
but as she moved her hand
exposing her cheek
they all turned and stared
it was black blue and bleak
the bruise as she wore it
still scabbed over with blood
you could tell that her great big blue eyes were to flood
she started to sob
as she rushed for the door
then some faceless classmate said
"what are you running for?"
you have a problem
face it head-on
running away from your problems
keeps you from moving on
so she turned and she said
"don't let him go to jail"
and the teacher whispered softly
"you did not fail"
as her tears came to dry
her life back on track
then the court date came
and the tremors came back
she rested at home
but with fear in her heart
she cried in her bed
and tore the pictures apart
he was a failure
as she already knew
but se would still always love him
and that remained true.

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