Best Friend I Love Yiu

August 23, 2010
They say the best love is a friendship first
three years in my heart is about to burst
we have so many memories 
and so much time for many more
but in my heart I know what  this friendship is worth
I endure pain to watch you smile 
I endure happiness when I see your face 
I'm winning and losing 
but when we move will it stay the same
Three best friends in one house my love needs to be announced
best friend I love you with all my heart I see girls break it
and I'm the one who remakes it
I kno you like the palm of my hand 
but it seems you don't understand 
I enjoy being by your side if you weren't there I would simply die
i can't help but sit next to you and want to kiss you
I can't help but watch you cry and do something stupid to see you smile
I can't help but love you after all that we been through 
I can't help but look at us and see there is so much more to us
I say I will wait but it's getting harder each day
when I see you with somebody that is bad for you
I'm standing here ready to say I love you more and more each day
and I promise no matter what I am here to stay
I love you best friend...but I will always want more
but this pain for what is meant is a small price to endure
when your everything I adore 

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