September 28, 2007
Her pillowed head laid back so peacefully
Almost as if she were sleeping
Her curls pulled neatly back
So that her face could be seen
A face of beauty and wonder

Her favorite color wrapped around her body
With long black sleeves to hide the cuts
This black dress will never touch the rain outside
For its keeper is still
Still like frost

Years and years she was praised
Her talent spilling over
Award after award being presented
Nothing but determination
Nothing but lies

Years and years she hid it
Her despair spilling over
Pill after pill being taken
Nothing but tears
Nothing but lies

Tears are spilled
Cries are heard
“Why did she do it?”
“What could I have done?”
Apologies are made too late

All she wanted was understanding
No one answered her pleas
All that’s left is a memory
Her words are forgotten
Her smile is lost

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