September 28, 2007
By Crystal Rosales, Westland, MI

THeres a little angel,
hiding in the darkness.
In a light pink dress,
the little girl is so beautiful.
Through the dirt on her face,
and the scars on her heart,
she just sits there, in the alley alone.

Even though she in the darkest corner,
She seems to light the world,
with her big brown eyes.
And every night she lays her head down.
On the cold ground.
She looks to the sky and waits.
Waits for someone to come.

Theres an angel in the alley.
A little angel in the alley.
And everyday you walk I walk to school,
and you look in and see,
the little girl sitting in the alley.

And sometimes the tears fall down,
while I watch the people stare at her,
and walk right on by.
The guilt in me is all the same.
I see no way to help her.
And i see the little girl,
but i dont see,
the angel in the alley.

I woke up and at once I know,
something amazing will happen today.
I dont know what, but as i walk my way.
I stopped and turned around.
I ran to the place where the little girl is.
I walked to her side and sat beside her.
And then i say...
"Its okay, im here for you now.
You dont have to be afraid anymore."
THen a smile appeared on her face.
Two wings appear.
"Thankyou" she said to me.
And she flew away.

There is no angel in the alley,
no little angel in the alley anymore.
There are no more tears to cry.
Nomore people to just walk on by.
My gaurdian angel.
Theres no little angel in alley.
Shes an angel in the sky.

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